Open Houses – Is It Worth the Chance?


This is why I no longer hold Open Houses. You just don’t know who will be coming through the home. I’ve heard of drugs being taken from the medicine cabinets, windows left unlocked for a repeat visit .. Why let strangers into your home instead of qualified and interested buyers? Frankly, Open Houses very seldom result in a buyer however it is an opportunity for a Realtor to pick up a buyer…at your expense. No way! Open Houses are just too risky now-a-days. The last Open House I held, a man refused to leave and kept “eyeing” me in a very uncomfortable way. Fortunately, I do carry. I put my hand in my pocket in a very obvious manner where my gun was and told him, “I think you’d better leave now and I would suggest you do it quickly!” He glanced at my pocket then high-tailed it out the door. No more Open Houses for me nor for my clients! I’m not going to risk my safety nor theirs just to get a new buyer! Image