WDYW?  Now just what do those initials mean?  Is is something to do with Jesus? Well, no…there’s no “J” in there. Simply put, “What Do You Want?” 

When you’re looking to sell or buy a home, you need to be clear in what do you want!  This is exactly what you need to express to your agent/Realtor.  If you feel you’re just not getting through with your agent, then you need to have a sit down conversation with him/her and make sure it’s all understood. 

Many times I’ve heard buyers and sellers tell me that their agent just doesn’t seem to listen to them. Their agent will show them homes totally out of their price range or just put the for sale  sign out in front of their home and then that’s the last they hear from their agent. Well guess what?  You’re their boss – not the other way around!  You’re hiring your agent to do the job for you and if they’ve lost that perspective, then it might be time to remind them!

What Do You Want?  Be clear with your agent on what your needs are and what your expectations are.  Put your expectations and needs in writing at the time of your agency agreement or your listing agreement is signed.  Should they fail, then it’s time to be released from that contract so that you can find someone who will work hard for you. 

Should you need a referral for a Realtor in the state you live, I will screen agents for you to make sure they’re the kind of agent who will work hard for you and provide you what you want and need.   I don’t charge  for this referral service either so it’s a win/win situation for you!  If you live in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, and want me to help you,  just give me a call – let’s talk.

Thank you!

Vicky Baker, CNE

Dancing Star Realty, LLC

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