Do Realtors Know Everything?

Do Realtors know everything?  No – of course not!  Beware of those who proclaim that they do or provides you with an answer that just doesn’t sound right.  If there’s something that’s questionable, a good Realtor will turn over rocks (so to speak) until they find the answer plus they’ll  let their clients know that they’re researching it out for them! That’s a good Realtor. 

Also, chose a Realtor who has experience.  Most new Realtors  lack the knowledge and experience but like to present the bravado image to their clients anyway, to impress them.  Believe me, I’ve had to train other company Realtors (yes, that’s not my job but I do so for the sake of my clients who are on the other side of that transaction) who think they know it all to the point where the deal is on the verge of crashing and they’re too stubborn to admit that they’ve messed up!  Ugh! 

The basis here is to “question” and to keep questioning your Realtor.  If in doubt, call the Real Estate Commission in your state and have a talk with them. You don’t want to lose that special home that you want to buy nor do you want the contract on your home to die.

If you’re looking for a home to buy, to sell, or if you’re relocating to any area in the USA, just give me a call and I’ll be able to assist you!

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Ready to Start Looking for a Home?

You hear all the hype that it’s time to buy but aren’t quite sure what to do? The economy is slowly picking up but the “What-If’s” strike you. What-If I lose my job? What-If the stock market takes a nose-dive again? What-If I buy a lemon of a home? And I could go on! You can really scare yourself totally away from making any steps to improve your living situation by the “What-If’s”. The What-If’s didn’t stop the landing on the moon. The What-If’s didn’t stop the pioneers venturing into unknown lands. The What-If’s didn’t stop your mother from having you!!!
The time to buy is right now especially if you’re a first time homebuyer because you’ll see an 8K credit on your taxes! If not, this is a marvelous time as prices are low…you’ve already heard that in all the commercials, but it’s actually true! I bought my home at 16% interest rate and was thrilled because the interest rates had just jumped to 18%!!
So take things into perspective; be realistic and not pessimistic.
If you’re looking for a great Realtor, regardless of where you live, I can locate one for you. One who won’t push sales! One who will let you know ahead of time of it’s faults, if any. One who will write your offer to protect you! One who will openly communicate with you and keep you up to date on everything you need to do and what’s being done. Yes this is for free! I never charge for this service! I want you to be happy, safe, contented and in your “own” home!

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