Marijuana issue is becoming a huge headache for Realtors!

  Marijuana issue is becoming a huge headache for Realtors! Not only do I find homes for buyers and sell homes for sellers, but I’m a property manager as well. One of the newest problems I’m encountering is tenants wanting to grow and use marijuana in their rental home.

When a potential tenant calls to inquire about a rental, it use to be so simple to screen them: “Do you have pets? What kinds?” and “How is your credit?” Now-a-days, the spiel I present even before meeting with this person: “We don’t allow smoking of any type nor the use of, nor the growing of medical and/or recreational marijuana.” Out from the last 60 phone inquiries I’ve received, ONLY about 3 or 4 people have stated that they do not use marijuana. This is amazing!

So why don’t we allow this since it’s now legal in Colorado? Here are the reasons:
1) – It stinks like a skunk! We don’t want that smell to infiltrate into the home and garage.
2) – It’s a huge liability for the landlord and property manager as breaking into a home to get the plants is a growing problem especially since buying it legally, is extremely costly.
3) – Generally those needing to use it medically, will also share their bounty with others so it’s intended purpose can’t be controlled. Hence also, as documented, it doesn’t just stop with the pot usage but ventures into other drugs.
4) – Fabricating marijuana oil is dangerous as it can become explosive.

Is this discrimination? No it’s not if the landlord states that he does not permit it. It’s just like someone who is a smoker; we can deny tenancy to anyone who smokes.

Is this a growing problem? Yes it is as people are coming into Colorado in droves wanting to be able to use marijuana only to find out that most landlords will not allow it. I’ve had many angry phone calls from those who want to argue the issue with me. All I say is, “It’s not allowed in our rental homes.”