Does Your Agent Really Have Your Best Interest at Heart???

So here’s the situation. My buyer placed an over full price cash offer on a short sale home. All was going fine until the listing agent decided to replace her current negotiator with another one who, I later found out happened to have an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau and lots of negative reviews.  They presented to us an amend/extend that frankly, I just couldn’t wrap my head around – it was very convoluted and confusing. It just didn’t feel right. I told my buyers not to sign it until I discussed this with other professionals.   I contacted two high quality title companies as well as a lenders underwriters. I also contacted my highly successful negotiator for her advice and guess what? Everyone I contacted said that there’s something shady going on.   Even the title company put it through their legal department.  They told me that if this was their deal, they wouldn’t touch it!  I discussed my findings with my buyer and my buyer decided to decline signing this contact revision.  The listing agent then decided to call me names, accusing me of ruining the deal and slandering her and her negotiator.  My buyers then backed out of the contract and now I’m getting threats of a suit by the listing agent.  Huh???  I’m performing my due-diligence as required by law.  Will be interesting if she really does try to do anything as she’ll lose! Needless to say, if your agent isn’t fully investigating things for you, get yourself a different agent!

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