I take on the headache for you!

Have you ever wondered what a property manager actually has to go through when managing a rental property – well, let me clue you in! I’ve been a property manager for quite some time and there’s been stories to tell. Below are just a sampling:

I sent over a handyman to finish painting a shed out in the back. This home is on acreage and has no fencing. The tenants were from Texas and although they knew the painter was going to be there, they somehow decided that this might not be the painters truck out in front. The painter was busy slapping on paint, wearing his ear plugs to listen to music when he heard the bushes rattle and with a start, he turned and was face to face with the tenant waving a .45 caliber revolver at him. The tenant snapped, “What are you doing here?” The surprised handyman said as he held up his paint roller, “Um, I’m painting.” Yup – I had a firm discussion with the tenant.

When it came time for the home inspection (I do this periodically), the tenant refused to let me look in the barn. His excuse was that he couldn’t find the key. Lo and behold, come to find out, he was growing medical marijuana!

The landlord moved out saying that he’d have his house all clean and ready. Well, ‘his’ clean was not the same as the “standard” clean. After much politically correct conversations, he finally let me hire a house cleaner to do the job. It was one of the dirtiest homes they have ever had to clean.

This was a country home so inevitably mice will come in…and they did. The tenant was a city kid and knew nothing about mice. When one died in the wall, which isn’t a very pleasant experience for either the mouse or the odor it creates, she absolutely freaked out and demanded we get the mouse out of the wall. I told her that the smell would go away in a few days and since it was summer, just keep a window open. She raised so much Cain that we finally called out a handyman to remove the mouse…two holes in the sheetrock later, the mouse was located. Was she happy? No – she then complained about the temporarily patched holes! Needless to say, we’ll take on the headache for you. If you need a dedicated Property Manager, call me! Vicky – 719-488-2234

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